It's been awhile...

It has been quite awhile since I have blogged. Blogging has been in the back of mind for the past several months, but I just haven't found the time to do so. Our family has been very busy... I believe I have abandoned my family blog due to how crazy life has been over the past several months. So to catch up. Michelle: I went back to school- I completed a master's degree in education April 2013, an administrative credential in July 2013 and currently in my first semester of a doctoral program. Yes, I must be crazy! But I am enjoying every minute of school. Finding time to read, write, work, and maintain family time has been a struggle, but thanks to wonderful support of my husband and family it has been manageable. Rob: working very diligently and getting ready to take the "test" to promote to the next level of his job. He has been working hard around our new home (yes, we moved :))to make it ours. Rob has been so supportive of all my crazy ideas of going back to school. So he has been very busy with the children. Katelyn, started kindergarten this fall. Rob and I made the choice to place her in the Dual Language Immersion program in our school district. It is absolutely amazing to see how much NEW language she has picked up in the first month of school. She is excelling and LOVES everything about school. Madeline, is enjoying being the baby of the family and having us all tend to all of her needs. Although she enjoys being the baby, she is very independent! It's hard to believe she is still only two when she acts so much older. She also enjoys going to school (preschool) and has one great little friend she talks about every day-Lucas. M

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