Happy 10 Months Madeline

Dear sweet Madeline, I am so sorry to be slacking in your monthly updates as to how you are growing and your milestones.  These past 9 months since you have made your grand appearance have been completely amazing! You are growing to be such a sweet, happy girl.  This month you are able to stand on your own for a minute or two without falling down.  You have been trying to take your first steps and we see your eagerness and readiness to walk.  We think in the next month or two you will be walking!  Madeline, you now have 8 teeth!  4 of them are almost completely out.  You are not sleeping through the night and we are hoping it is due to the new teeth coming in.  You started eating solid food such as spaghetti and all kinds of fruits and vegetables for the past couple of months, but your all time favorite is spaghetti!  We love watching you eat slurp them in.  You love our dog bruiser and we are always catching you feeding him your lunch or dinner to him.  You and your sister get along well.  Well, when your not trying to pull her hair.   You two are best little friends who like to have screaming contests and see who can get to mommy and daddy first to snuggle.  You think it is funny to pull Katelyn’s hair when she is sleeping and we have to constantly pull you away from her.  At the end of 8 months you started saying Dada, and now you can say it very clear.  You have been making lots of sounds and I’m hoping soon you will say mama. You love crawling and climbing on things you probably shouldn’t but sister and I are usually near by. Happy 10 months!

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