Abandoned Blog…. last few months in review

So I know I have been seriously neglecting our family blog,.  We have been very busy lately, it seems we barely have anytime to do anything fun or just relax.  Rob is almost finished with school and it will be such a blessing once he has completed his degree (pay raise Smile).  As for me, I went back to school in September for my Master’s Degree.  So needless to say, with both of us in school, working full time and finding time in between for our sweet family, blogging has been pushed to the back burner. 

With that said, we had an amazing holiday season!  I was able to cook my first Christmas dinner for my family and Rob’s family.  It was REALLY REALLY REALLY nice not having to do a double holiday and not rush from place to place. 

New Year’s was wonderfully quiet Smile.  We went out to celebrate the new year and my dad’s birthday with my family.  We were home by 8pm and watched the New Year’s special on TV.  I was pretty surprised, Katelyn stayed up until 11:30pm and then fell asleep, asking to please wake her at midnight. 

The past 3 weeks have been so wonderful!  I have been on vacation!!!!!  Hanging out with the girls has me at times wishing I could stay home with them, but when Katelyn and Madeline decide to compete who can cry the loudest or scream the loudest I can’t wait to get back to work!!! 

Enjoy the pictures from the holidays.






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