Happy Birthday Katelyn

I cannot believe my little ladybug is now 3 years old!!!!!! WOW!


You have grown so much the past 3 years physically, mentally, and emotionally.  You are weighing in at 30 lbs and 36 inches tall, your hair is extremely log and we really should have Morgan trim it up just a little.  Sometimes I forget you are only 3 years old because you can hold a conversation pretty well and you ask a ton of questions until you understand something.  Please never stop asking questions.  You are constantly learning and picking up new things (good and bad).  I can honestly say we didn’t witness the “terrible two” syndrome.  We lucked out, but we have experienced the terrible threes and times or maybe its just a sass thing, but whatever it is we could totally do without Smile  You love getting your way and you sure do have mommy and daddy wrapped around your little fingers.  You have become a big sister and you are really good with Madeline.  You are quite the “little mommy”.  You are very protective of your sister and I hope that never changes.  You are very compassionate to others and especially to your family.  You have picked up some little bad habits from others, such as saying “Oh my gosh…” with sass and hands on the hips.  These words are now no longer allowed to be used in our house otherwise it’s a time out, and you are very aware of this and catch mommy and daddy and try to put us on time out.  You also like to say you love us too much too much and now is something grandma and grandpa have picked up too.    You call all your cousins friends with the exception of Rylee you say she is your cousin.  You love to entertain us whether it be singing, dancing, playing games, etc.  We love reading and listening to you read us stories- well, recreate stories.  You are totally into make-up, dress-up and anything and everything pink and princess.  Your favorite movie is Princess and the Frog and Tangled.  At times, you believe you are Rapunsel and I am “mother”

Katelyn, you bring so much joy to all of our lives, we cherish you with all our hearts and know you will grow to be a great little big girl and will continue to make us laugh.  We LOVE YOU TOO MUCH TOO MUCH

05-27-11 Katelyn 3rd bday dinner at BJsHappy Birthday-Birthday Dinner with Aunt Jess & Uncle Tim

Happy Birthday Lil Princess!

05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (34)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (4)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (31)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (35)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (56)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (58)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (62)

Giddey Up Horsey

Our good friends Kim and Brandon gave Katelyn the opportunity to ride some horses.  Kim is a horse trainer in Norco and just loves horses!  Katelyn has been fascinated with horses for some time now.  We met Kim at the ranch where she boards and trains, Katelyn had a great time riding horses with Kim and learning about them.  I’m hoping to take her again real soon.  She seems like a natural rider Smile


Happy Birthday Rob!!!


Angel Game

Disneyland Trip May 2011

We have Disneyland passes so we try to go at least once a month.  The past 6 months were difficult for us to go because I was pregnant and Disneyland just didn’t seem ideal for me.  Now that Madeline is here, we have actually been a couple of times.  I even took the girls BY MYSELF!!! It was a lot of fun, crazy on my part but needless to say we had a great time.  At the Disneyland Hotel, there is a restaurant called Goofey’s Kitchen.  OH MY, it is an AMAZING buffet!!!  Characters walked around and talked to the guests.  We saw Blue from the Jungle Book, Snow White & Aladdin, Chip & Dale and of course, Goofy!  Next time we are going to check out Ariel’s Grotto- It is a princess theme luncheon with all the Disney Princesses! 

05-04-11 Disneyland (1)05-04-11 Disneyland (2)05-04-11 Disneyland (6)05-04-11 Disneyland (9)

Happy 2 Months Madeline

Madeline turned 2 months this month!!!! It is amazing to see how much you have grown this past month and in the short time you have been here with us. 

Madeline you and your sister are the joys of my life!   I can sit and watch you sleep, eat, play, etc.  and it never seems to get old. Smile  This month, you started to hold your head up on your own- you bobble around still but you are so determined to hold it up so you can see, you enjoy watching what is going on in our house, and in the world- you don’t like to be facing inward where you can’t see anything.  You hear and see your sister and get so excited when she is around you.  Katelyn enjoys helping you out when you need it.  We love you tons!

04-21-11 (2)