Happy Easter!

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Easter (2)

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Easter (5)

We went to visit the lovely Easter Bunny at the mall and to our surprise Katelyn was completely ok with sitting and taking a picture with the Easter Bunny.  We can’t say the same for Madeline.  But, after a few snaps we finally got a decent picture Smile

We had a pretty busy Easter, The girls and I got up early and went to Church with my sister and niece.  The service was absolutely wonderful.  I have always enjoyed Easter services at our Church.  After Church we met up with Rob and the rest of my family for a great lunch.  Then it was off to the Rob’s side of the family…  We had another wonderful meal (dinner) and had a great time watching all the cousins running around the backyard in search for the Easter Eggs with $$$$.  Yes! you read that right, the Easter Bunny  here really enjoys leaving money-filled eggs for the kids. 


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Katelyn’s preschool is such a great school!  they offer so many extra activities and opportunities for the children.  Every year they have an Easter Egg hunt across the street at a Rehabilitation/Convalescent home for the elderly.  This activity is usually for the 3 and older classes.  Since I happened to be off on the day of this event, Katelyn was able to participate and had such a great time.  My grandfather was staying at this facility while he was recovering from hip surgery so our family got to know the employees and the other elderly people that are there.  It was really nice to see them again.

Easter @ school (5)Easter @ school (17)Easter @ school (18)

Happy Birthday

Happy 1 month birthday to my little bumble bee!!

This month you have grown 2 pounds and 3 inches according to the doctor’s stats.  You have blessed our family beyond words.  I am so happy you decided to come early- I was getting anxious and couldn’t wait to meet you. 

Even though sleep is really not in our schedule anymore, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  Katelyn and I can sit and stare at you for hours :)  You love pulling your sister’s hair especially since she can’t leave you alone for more than two seconds.  We are so very lucky, you have been a very easy baby just like your big sister.  You only cry when you are wet or hungry, you love sitting up taking in this crazy world, you do not being covered up with blankets (just like your dad and sissy).

 1 Month April 8 2011 (3)  9.4 lbs 21 inches long


1 Month April 8 2011 (5)