Happy St. Patrick’s Day


March 2011 206

Oh No…

Guess who decided to grace us with her presence 4 WEEKS EARLY????


That is right, Madeline Leigh Scribner was born March 8, 2011 @ 1:29 am!

March 2011 197

7.2 pounds 18 inches long




I went to the doctors on Monday morning for my 36 week check up and everything was right on track for an Aril 2nd delivery.  As I entered the last month of pregnancy I was have some minor issues with back pain, side pain and just being in pain! The Saturday before Madeline arrived, my mom and I went to Target to by a gift for my little nephew.  As we walked around Target I had a sudden onset of the chills, shakiness and then felt really sick as if I was coming down with the flu or something.  I was already have really bad side pains earlier that morning but I had to push through it.  The symptoms I had a Target were all the same symptoms that happened to me a few days before I had Katelyn.  In fact, with Katelyn those symptoms appeared on a Friday and she was delivered on a Tuesday; this time around it happened on a Saturday and I still delivered on a Tuesday.  hmmmmm maybe I will have some signs to follow for maybe the third pregnancy???? we will have to see. :)

So back to Monday- the doctor appointment went well, Rob and I had some errands to run and had a pretty normal day.  Rob went back to school this quarter and had class on Monday nights; before he left I told him to leave my over night bag at the house because it had all my Kaiser information “just in case”.  He told me not to worry, if something were to happen he would leave and bring it down. 

Rob left for school, Katelyn and I cleaned up the dinner mess and she asked if she could watch an episode of Dora, as we were watching Dora, I had a sudden urge to quickly stand up.  I did.  AND my water broke, at first I thought maybe I wet myself, so I went to the bathroom and noticed it wasn’t stopping.  I was a little freaked out.  How could this happen when I was just at the doctor’s office this morning?  I immediately called my mom for help,luckily we live really close she was here in 2 minutes!  I called Rob and he met us at the hospital. 

And the rest is history!!!!!  my delivery was fairly quick and easy, no complications for me or for Madeline- in fact no one believed how full term Madeline looked and weighed in at for being a pre term baby.

IMG_0425We are all adjusting well.  Katelyn is absolutely in love with her!  She is such a great helper when she wants to be.  We do have our jealousy moments, luckily they are not that frequent :) 

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