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4th of July Small Town USA style

Every 4th of July, for the past several years we pack up and head to Southern Utah, where Rob’s dad now lives.  Rob’s family owns a ranch outside the SUPER small town of Kanab, UT.  It is absolutely beautiful there red rock everywhere surrounded by lots of greenery…  Every 4th of July, the town gets together and puts on a fantastic fun filled day of family activities starting with a breakfast, followed by a town parade down main street, a festival in the park, a bbq dinner and then FIREWORKS in the canyon!!!!!  It always reminds me of the scene from Sandlot when the kids are running through the town at the 4th.  We enjoyed our visit with Rob’s family and can’t wait for our next trip up. 

Waiting for the paradeDSCN1412


DSCN1424Taking a snooze before the fireworks



Sparklers with Auntie Allie, Pops and Daddy


Rhino ride with Pops


Visiting with Great Grandma Alice


Happy Fourth of July

I’m a Little Teapot…

I’m a Little Teapot, short and stout, here is my handle and here is my spout, when I get all steamed up! hear me shout! TIP ME OVER, AND POUR ME OUT…. is the cute little song we have been singing for months!!!! YES, months!  We signed Katelyn up for dance class at her preschool.  It was VERY convienent- the teacher would come to the school, pull the kids out of class and teach them dance right at the preschool each week.  Such a great concept for working moms who have no free time to be driving around all evening for extra activities, right?  Well, guess again…. It sounds wonderful in theory and was great until it was recital time- recital rehearsal and actual performance was in a not so neighboring city about 45-1 hour away… those that know me, know I don’t mind driving places for the most part but having to little kiddos have made me limit my ventures past my comfort levels and traveling this far for a dance rehearsal doesn’t sound fun for anyone!!!  So needless to say, since we signed up for dance, I had to suck it up and follow through all the way through recital time.  Katelyn’s performance was so stinking cute!  I couldn’t get enough of it and how serious she is when it comes to her dancing skills.  Now that recital is over, we have pulled her from this great program and started dance at one of the local dance studios and signed up for gymnastics at preschool instead Smile

06-07-11 Katelyns 1st Dance Recital (7)

06-07-11 Katelyns 1st Dance Recital (10)

06-07-11 Katelyns 1st Dance Recital (18)

Beach time…

06-16-11 Oceanside (9)

over the past couple of years, we have taken Katelyn to the beach and it hasn’t been successful until this year.  This year we headed to the beach with our good friends the Voigts, Jenny and Ian and had a great time.  Katelyn was fearful of the water at first but by the end of the day she loved getting her feet wet…This was also Madeline’s first beach trip as well, and she enjoyed sitting on Ian’s lap and hanging out in her stroller, out of the sun.

06-16-11 Oceanside (3)06-16-11 Oceanside (21)

06-16-11 Oceanside (24)

hanging out with Sam and Alex…

06-16-11 Oceanside (27)06-16-11 Oceanside (28)

such a fun day at the beach, we passed out before we could get on the freeway…

Ranch Trip in June

Let summer vacation officially begin!

To kick off summer vacation this year, we decided to head up to the ranch for a week to visit Mimi and Pops.  We had such a great time!  This was Madeline’s FIRST ranch trip.  The ranch is about 7 hours away in Southern Utah, both little ladies did wonderful on the drive up and the drive home.  When we were there, we enjoyed our time relaxing riding quads around the property and reconnecting with old friends!

06-21-11 (1)

Madeline getting ready for her first quad ride

06-21-11 (2)

Katelyn helping to feed the cats

06-22-11 (4)

watching the ducks and the crazy dogs in the pond…

06-22-11 (5)

06-23-11 (9)

Hiking with daddy and bruiser

Happy Summer!

I know, I know…

Yes, I know I am a few months behind… but with two babies, returning to work, having the husby in school and working full time, the Scribner family has been pretty busy.  Oh and I also had to purchase a new computer because my old laptop of 6 years decided to go out on me Sad smile  Now that I have a new computer, watch out!  I’ll keep you posted more frequently as to what is going on in the Scribner household.

Enjoy the following posts…

No Cavities for Katelyn

Katelyn had her first dentist visit last week (June 15).  Our family dentist is wonderful and at my last check-up wanted me to make an appointment for Katelyn as soon as she turned three, so he can begin to monitor her teeth and everything a dentist needs to see.  Her first visit went great!  They attempted to get x-rays.  That was a challenge and then decided not to worry about it, because they couldn’t get Katelyn to hold the little strip down in her mouth without having her tongue move it.  This is a difficult task for me sometimes, how do you expect a three year old to do it???? Anyways, we only got x-rays of the front teeth.  It was pretty neat to see her permanent teeth sitting right below her little ones.  She sat so great in my lap as the dentist himself, checked all her teeth and flossed and fluoride them Smile


Happy 3 Months Madeline

Madeline, you are eating like crazy!  You now weigh 13lbs.  You are becoming your own little person and have so much personality!  You cue and laugh at almost everything we put in front of you, you are ticklish on your feet and sides.  You are very alert to your surroundings and you are a people watcher just like mommy!  You are getting so strong, you can hold your head up straight for periods of time, and you are now trying to pull yourself up to sit.  We experienced your first double ear infection and have been overly paranoid about it- when Katelyn was your age, she started getting ear infections monthly.  So now we are a bit nervous to see what type of ear issues you will face.  We are hoping none. Smile We believe you are now teething, you drool like crazy and have a crazy hard bite.  You are a very happy content little baby who rarely fusses unless you need something or in pain.  When your sister is talking you turn your head to see her and you get very excited to see her. You are scooting/kicking yourself around, when we lay you on a blanket.  Katelyn has nicknamed you Maddie, Madelinies, and Bumble Bee.

We love you very much!  Can’t wait to see what milestones this coming month will bring for us.

3 months (9)3 months (5)

Happy Birthday Katelyn

I cannot believe my little ladybug is now 3 years old!!!!!! WOW!


You have grown so much the past 3 years physically, mentally, and emotionally.  You are weighing in at 30 lbs and 36 inches tall, your hair is extremely log and we really should have Morgan trim it up just a little.  Sometimes I forget you are only 3 years old because you can hold a conversation pretty well and you ask a ton of questions until you understand something.  Please never stop asking questions.  You are constantly learning and picking up new things (good and bad).  I can honestly say we didn’t witness the “terrible two” syndrome.  We lucked out, but we have experienced the terrible threes and times or maybe its just a sass thing, but whatever it is we could totally do without Smile  You love getting your way and you sure do have mommy and daddy wrapped around your little fingers.  You have become a big sister and you are really good with Madeline.  You are quite the “little mommy”.  You are very protective of your sister and I hope that never changes.  You are very compassionate to others and especially to your family.  You have picked up some little bad habits from others, such as saying “Oh my gosh…” with sass and hands on the hips.  These words are now no longer allowed to be used in our house otherwise it’s a time out, and you are very aware of this and catch mommy and daddy and try to put us on time out.  You also like to say you love us too much too much and now is something grandma and grandpa have picked up too.    You call all your cousins friends with the exception of Rylee you say she is your cousin.  You love to entertain us whether it be singing, dancing, playing games, etc.  We love reading and listening to you read us stories- well, recreate stories.  You are totally into make-up, dress-up and anything and everything pink and princess.  Your favorite movie is Princess and the Frog and Tangled.  At times, you believe you are Rapunsel and I am “mother”

Katelyn, you bring so much joy to all of our lives, we cherish you with all our hearts and know you will grow to be a great little big girl and will continue to make us laugh.  We LOVE YOU TOO MUCH TOO MUCH

05-27-11 Katelyn 3rd bday dinner at BJsHappy Birthday-Birthday Dinner with Aunt Jess & Uncle Tim

Happy Birthday Lil Princess!

05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (34)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (4)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (31)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (35)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (56)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (58)05-28-11 Katelyn's 3rd Birthday Party (62)

Giddey Up Horsey

Our good friends Kim and Brandon gave Katelyn the opportunity to ride some horses.  Kim is a horse trainer in Norco and just loves horses!  Katelyn has been fascinated with horses for some time now.  We met Kim at the ranch where she boards and trains, Katelyn had a great time riding horses with Kim and learning about them.  I’m hoping to take her again real soon.  She seems like a natural rider Smile


Happy Birthday Rob!!!


Angel Game

Disneyland Trip May 2011

We have Disneyland passes so we try to go at least once a month.  The past 6 months were difficult for us to go because I was pregnant and Disneyland just didn’t seem ideal for me.  Now that Madeline is here, we have actually been a couple of times.  I even took the girls BY MYSELF!!! It was a lot of fun, crazy on my part but needless to say we had a great time.  At the Disneyland Hotel, there is a restaurant called Goofey’s Kitchen.  OH MY, it is an AMAZING buffet!!!  Characters walked around and talked to the guests.  We saw Blue from the Jungle Book, Snow White & Aladdin, Chip & Dale and of course, Goofy!  Next time we are going to check out Ariel’s Grotto- It is a princess theme luncheon with all the Disney Princesses! 

05-04-11 Disneyland (1)05-04-11 Disneyland (2)05-04-11 Disneyland (6)05-04-11 Disneyland (9)