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Happy Birthday Ladybug!

Bittersweet Moments

School's Out For Summer...


YEP! I officially checkout out of my classroom/school AND moved into my new classroom/school today! Today, was the first day in a REALLY LONG time I came home took a nap and feel 100% RELAXED!!!!!!!! Such an AWESOME feeling. I do not have to return to work until the last week of July.

Summer, what shall we do?

Bittersweet Moment

This year was my last year teaching middle school for awhile (hopefully ONLY the year). I have made some wonderful friends at Ruth O. I am going to miss so much! 4 years ago, I walked onto this middle school campus expecting to hate it and not liking it at all so I could tansfer the following year to elementary. That was the plan- well, that plan went out the window the first month at Ruth O. I meet some amazing, talented teachers that truely care for kids and want to honestly make a difference in children's education. They fit my ideaology of what my plan of making a difference. This first month of school, my department took me under their wings and helped me out, they are overly generous and willing to give everyone a chance(when they want to) :) This morning, as we sat and ate breakfast, watched the slideshow and participated in the reflective moments, I thougt about each and everyone of my great friends and how you made a difference to me personally and professionally. THANK YOU! I am so grateful for their friendships we established at Ruth O and know no matter what, we will still be friends.

I am moving on to a new chapter in my profession- 6th grade! I look forward to the change and truely believe I can do some good at my new site!

Happy Birthday Ladybug

The yummy cupcakes made with love from Auntie GINGER! Katelyn and her lil buddies at school enjoyed eating these up!

To Our Lil Lovebug-- We love you so much, you have made the past two years the most incredible years we have enjoyed and can't wait to see all the love, joy and good you bring to our family and the world as we watch you grow!