Easter 2010

Hoppy Easter to your family from ours!  We hope everyone in blogland had a great Easter weekend!  We sure did have a busy weekend..  We began our Easter weekend by going to see the Easter Bunny.  Let me just say, that wasn’t such a great idea of mommy!  We stood in line for 45 minutes for Katelyn to FREAK OUT!  MAJOR MELT DOWN, didn’t want ANYTHING to do with the Easter Bunny by the time it was our turn to see him.  It was so bad, we decided to just forget it!  So the pictures I do have, came from waiting in line…

Easter 2010 003

Easter 2010 005 

Then, we celebrated my 28th birthday…Rob took me out to dinner with a couple of good close friends, we had an amazing time!

Easter 2010 015

Katelyn using chopsticks for the 1st time :)

Easter 2010 011

Happy Birthday to me!

Easter 2010 013

and ended the weekend by going to church, having an Easter egg hunt and having a yummy dinner with the family….

 Coloring Easter Eggs with Grandma…Easter 2010 016

Easter 2010 021 Easter 2010 022

Our finished eggs…. We only colored a couple of eggs this year…

Easter 2010 023  Easter 2010 032 Easter 2010 029Easter 2010 034 Easter 2010 056Easter 2010 047 Easter 2010 051

What a wonderful weekend!  We had a great week off and now it is time to return to work…


Spring Break 2010

This year for Spring Break we decided to take a trip to the family Ranch in Southern Utah… We had the best weather we could ask for!  We had the best time hanging out with Mimi and Pops.  Katelyn LOVES riding quads and never wanted to stop.  We hiked in Zion, went on quad rides and just had the best time relaxing!  It is funny to see how Katelyn reacts to animals she really hasn’t seen before- any LARGE animal we like-cows (w/horns) LOVE, horses-LOVE, Chickens-ended up liking, cats-SCARED.  Of all the animals at the Ranch, why is she afraid of the cats?