A New Year, Welcome 2011

2011 is going to be an exciting year for us!  In April we will be welcoming our second child!  We can’t wait to se what adventures this year will bring for us.

New Years Eve (2)Happy New Year!

Christmas Time

Christmas 2010 (25)

We had a really great Christmas!  Katelyn is one lucky little girl, Santa brought her a new bike- that no one thought she could ride, ,but she picked it up pretty quick…  We did our usual double Holiday routine- we had an amazing time with our families.

Chicken Enchiladas



  • Nonstick cooking spray
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 boneless, skinless breasts cubed
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder ( I eyeballed it)
  • 1/2 cup sweet potato or carrot puree ( I used carrot)
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper ( I eyeballed it)
  • 1/4 cup fat free sour cream
  • 1 cup shredded 2% cheddar cheese or part skimmed mozzarella ( I did 1/2 and 1/2)
  • 6 (9 inch) whole grain/whole wheat flour tortillas
  • 1/2 cup spinach puree
  • 1/2 cup mild tomato salsa


  • preheat oven to 350. 
  • coat baking dish with cooking spray
  • warm olive oil in skillet-medium heat
  • sprinkle chicken with garlic powder and pepper
  • cook chicken for 4-5 minutes, stir occasionally, until no longer pink
  • turn off heat and:
    • mix the sweet potato or carrot puree, sour cream, and half the cheese ( i used all the cheese) into the skillet.
  • fill each tortilla with the chicken mix and roll up
  • place seam side down on baking dish
  • top each tortilla with a dot of spinach puree, salsa and add some cheese
  • use foil to cover baking dish, bake until cheese melts and filling is warm
  • approx. 35-40 minutes

I didn’t make individual enchiladas, I made a casserole type instead so, I layered the bottom of my pyrex dish with the tortillas then added the chicken mix then added another layer or tortillas to cover the top, then added a light spread of spinach puree to the top and then covered that with more cheese.  I left off the salsa and used it on the side, since Rob doesn’t really care for salsa.

The directions said it takes 30 minutes to prep and about an hour total.  It didn’t take that long to prep or cook!  Makes enough for six.

This recipe turned out really yummy! Katelyn ate 2 servings and enjoyed every bite. We found a winner!  This will for sure go in our “cook.make” list!

Happy cooking!


Happy Thanksgiving

Giving thanks to my top 5:

1. My loving husband, Rob. Who isn’t able to celebrate this wonderful Holiday with us this year because of his work schedule :( Rob is truly my best friend.  He would do anything for Katelyn and I.  We are 2 very lucky ladies!

2.  Katelyn.  You are a true “mini” ME! Well, not only me, your dad as well.  You act so much like both of us, it is really hard to figure out whose mannerisms you really pick up.  Everyday is an adventure with you.  One moment you can be the sweetest, cutest little girl ever and then you can be a complete monster or stubborn or anything but sweet and cute!  You do know how to keep us on our toes!  I wouldn’t change anything about you!  You bless us everyday and we thank God everyday for you!

3.  Blessing #2.  I’ve always wanted more than one child, we didn’t know when you would happen.  It seemed like it was going to be FOREVER before you would come along.  Now that you are tucked safe in my tummy I am absolutely in love with you.  I fell in love with you and started thanking God for you the first day I found out I was pregnant with you.  Your big sister can’t wait or you to get here.  She is very excited to have a sister coming soon.  Mommy and daddy are excited to meet you and see what you and your sister will conquer in this world together. 

4. Family.  I am beyond thankful for having such a wonderful and supportive family on my side and on Rob’s side.  Without every single one of you, Rob and I wouldn’t be who we are today.  Our strong family values come from you and what you have instilled in us.  We are very lucky to have such a close family.

5. Friends.  I am very blessed to have such a great group of friends.  Some have been friends since early childhood, many from college and some that went from colleagues to friends.  You all have been very supportive and wonderful.  Everyone deserves great friends like you! {they all know who they are}

What are you thankful for?

Enjoy the Holiday with your family and friends.



Halfway there…

That’s right folks,  I am 20 weeks pregnant! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going.  I have anywhere from 16 to 20 more weeks to go before we meet our newest bundle of joy.  I say 16 to 20 because we aren’t 100% sure I will make it to my due date, if this little one is anything like her big sister, she may grace us with her presence early.  I have been full of energy and able to keep up with my VERY active 2 year old for the most part. 

Last Tuesday, I had my 20 week ultrasound and found out we are having a girl!  I was secretly hoping for another little girl!  :)  We have been talking with Katelyn everyday about her new little sister.  She seems to be excited that she is going to have a sister… 

I am feeling lots of movement all the time!  So amazing how much more you know the 2nd time around! :)


20 weeks mouth open pic 201020 weeks GIRL 2010




What is for dinner?

I am normally not one to cook.  If I could have my way we would eat out or go to my parents house for dinner EVERY night.  Rob has been on a diet for the past month and has done so well!  Since this whole dieting thing with Rob, I’ve noticed Katelyn and I have been eating healthier too.  Now, his diet is back to normal (eating like a normal person-calories wise) We opted to buy a cookbook that would help us stay on track.  Rob wanted something low carb, low whatever, I wanted something that would get everyone eating healthier AND eating a variety of things instead of the same things.  We finally decided on the Jessica Seinfield Double Delicious.  I was thinking about her first cookbook a couple of weeks ago when I went to serve sauteed green beans to Katelyn and she looked at them and said, “gross mommy” and then told her to taste them she replied “no, nasty.  I don’t like”.  At that moment, I knew I was going to have to figure out how to hide veggies in our dinners to get her to eat them.  This book has had some success so far!

Jessica Seinfeld Double Delicious Oprah

I’ve made 3 recipes from it and ALL 3 were really good!  So far my favorite is Chicken Enchiladas with Spinach and Carrot purees. AMAZING!




christmas card 2010

I ordered our chirstmas card today! We really like our card this year... Last you I slacked off over Thanksgiving break and never finished our card. Needless to say Rob wasnt very happy, I didn't send one out. Well, this year, I had our card pretty much completed by the beginning of November! We only needed one family picture, which we were going to take this coming weekend. Once I realized if we waited for our good friend Carrie to take our picture, I probably wouldn't send them out on time and we had already made plans to see some family that same weekend. We sadly canceled our photo session and used what we had. As I was ordering the cards this morning, the website offered a $25 gift card by just posting our card to my blog. I have lots of pictures I need to develop so an extra $25 to do so will be handy!

Joy And Magic Christmas 5x7 folded card
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A MOOrific Halloween

Enjoy the pictures

Preparing dinner

Halloween 2010 001 


Halloween 2010 008 Halloween 2010 006 Halloween 2010 007 Halloween 2010 015


 Halloween 2010 033  Halloween 2010 039 Halloween 2010 047

Halloween 2010 055



Finally some updates….

And Baby makes 4

Time for change


Pictures to come :)

And Baby makes 4….

By now I’m sure you have heard either from us or facebook or through the lovely grapevine Katelyn is going to be a big sister!

We found out I was pregnant the first week of school (July 27th).  I wanted to keep it a secret until I was able to get in to see the doctor, but Rob said if that didn’t happen within a couple of days we weren’t waiting.  SO, of course I couldn’t get in to see the doctor as soon as Rob would have liked so we told our families and close family that weekend. 

I am almost 12 weeks (FINALLY)  I have been so sick with morning/day/night sickness it is RIDICULOUS!!!!!  I was never sick with Katelyn and just feel miserable everyday all day!  I am hoping it goes away @ 12 weeks (2nd trimester begins).  Katelyn and Rob have been so helpful with me being very limited due to feeling sick all the time.  Katelyn’s favorite saying is “be nice to my mommy baby” it is so cute to see how over protected she is over me.  Katelyn has an idea of what is going on; we took her with us to a doctors appointment recently so the doctor can explain and show Katelyn the sonogram.  After that appointment Katelyn thought she was having a baby! We quickly corrected that! :)  She also has told everyone at her school she is going to be a big sister and she really wants a sister. TOO CUTE!

We are beyond thrilled to be adding to our little family.  Our new little blessing is due to arrive April 2, 2011.

Time for Change

After being off for 6 weeks, it was difficult to get back in the swing of things at work for multiple reasons.

Reason #1:  I switched schools. I found myself quite a few times taking my same school route I have been for the past 4 years only to realize OOPS, WRONG SCHOOL!

Reason #2:  Completely NEW grade level!  I went from teaching middle school English to teaching 6th grade elementary!  WOW!  What am I thinking?????

Needless to say, It was a rough transition the first month of school!  I questioned my decision not to finish my 8 units on a daily basis.  But now that we are moving very quickly into month 3, I am enjoying every minute with my new SMALLER group of kids!  Let me back up for a second.  I was hired four years ago to teach English but needed to finish up some English units to be recognized nationally as being NCLB (No Child Left Behind) “Highly Qualified” teacher to teach middle school.  I completed some of the units, but then got really involved in school, had Katelyn, and the units just got put on the back burner… So after four years, my district said I needed to be moved to an elementary site, where I am NCLB “highly qualified” to teach.    So that’s that.  I am very excited to see what this school year has in store for me!  I see so much growth and potential at my new school, I think I may want to stay there and see some things through.

Happy Back To School!!!!  

Abandoned Blog!!!!!!

I am so sorry for not updating sooner!

Links to new posts:

Happy Birthday Ladybug!

Bittersweet Moments

School's Out For Summer...


YEP! I officially checkout out of my classroom/school AND moved into my new classroom/school today! Today, was the first day in a REALLY LONG time I came home took a nap and feel 100% RELAXED!!!!!!!! Such an AWESOME feeling. I do not have to return to work until the last week of July.

Summer, what shall we do?

Bittersweet Moment

This year was my last year teaching middle school for awhile (hopefully ONLY the year). I have made some wonderful friends at Ruth O. I am going to miss so much! 4 years ago, I walked onto this middle school campus expecting to hate it and not liking it at all so I could tansfer the following year to elementary. That was the plan- well, that plan went out the window the first month at Ruth O. I meet some amazing, talented teachers that truely care for kids and want to honestly make a difference in children's education. They fit my ideaology of what my plan of making a difference. This first month of school, my department took me under their wings and helped me out, they are overly generous and willing to give everyone a chance(when they want to) :) This morning, as we sat and ate breakfast, watched the slideshow and participated in the reflective moments, I thougt about each and everyone of my great friends and how you made a difference to me personally and professionally. THANK YOU! I am so grateful for their friendships we established at Ruth O and know no matter what, we will still be friends.

I am moving on to a new chapter in my profession- 6th grade! I look forward to the change and truely believe I can do some good at my new site!

Happy Birthday Ladybug

The yummy cupcakes made with love from Auntie GINGER! Katelyn and her lil buddies at school enjoyed eating these up!

To Our Lil Lovebug-- We love you so much, you have made the past two years the most incredible years we have enjoyed and can't wait to see all the love, joy and good you bring to our family and the world as we watch you grow!

Easter 2010

Hoppy Easter to your family from ours!  We hope everyone in blogland had a great Easter weekend!  We sure did have a busy weekend..  We began our Easter weekend by going to see the Easter Bunny.  Let me just say, that wasn’t such a great idea of mommy!  We stood in line for 45 minutes for Katelyn to FREAK OUT!  MAJOR MELT DOWN, didn’t want ANYTHING to do with the Easter Bunny by the time it was our turn to see him.  It was so bad, we decided to just forget it!  So the pictures I do have, came from waiting in line…

Easter 2010 003

Easter 2010 005 

Then, we celebrated my 28th birthday…Rob took me out to dinner with a couple of good close friends, we had an amazing time!

Easter 2010 015

Katelyn using chopsticks for the 1st time :)

Easter 2010 011

Happy Birthday to me!

Easter 2010 013

and ended the weekend by going to church, having an Easter egg hunt and having a yummy dinner with the family….

 Coloring Easter Eggs with Grandma…Easter 2010 016

Easter 2010 021 Easter 2010 022

Our finished eggs…. We only colored a couple of eggs this year…

Easter 2010 023  Easter 2010 032 Easter 2010 029Easter 2010 034 Easter 2010 056Easter 2010 047 Easter 2010 051

What a wonderful weekend!  We had a great week off and now it is time to return to work…


Spring Break 2010

This year for Spring Break we decided to take a trip to the family Ranch in Southern Utah… We had the best weather we could ask for!  We had the best time hanging out with Mimi and Pops.  Katelyn LOVES riding quads and never wanted to stop.  We hiked in Zion, went on quad rides and just had the best time relaxing!  It is funny to see how Katelyn reacts to animals she really hasn’t seen before- any LARGE animal we like-cows (w/horns) LOVE, horses-LOVE, Chickens-ended up liking, cats-SCARED.  Of all the animals at the Ranch, why is she afraid of the cats?

Trip to Seattle

At the end of January we made a trip up to Seattle, WA for Rob’s Grandpa Bob’s memorial.  We are so glad we were able to make it up there, to visit with family we haven’t seen in a few years. 

This was our FIRST time with a child on a plane…  Thank you to all the family and friends who gave us pointers… We used ALL of them!  As we prepared for the worst trip ever, we had NO problems whatsoever flying.  Our flight left Ontario, CA @ 6 a.m., we purposely left this early in hopes Katelyn would sleep the whole flight there…  It worked!  We arrived at the airport at about 5 a.m and she was wide awake, but as soon as we boarded and took off, she was sound asleep!!!!!Seattle ~ January 001

At the airport waiting to leave CA

Once we landed we met up with Rob’s Aunt Cindy.  Went ad visited Grandma Donna (Katelyn’s 1st time meeting her) and hit the local mall to do some shopping and eating :)

Seattle ~ January 002 Eating lunch

We had such a great time hanging out and having no worries for the day!  Saturday was the memorial for Grandpa Bob and we met many more family members :)

Seattle ~ January 005Rob, Katelyn & Grandma Donna

Seattle ~ January 006

Katelyn made some new friends…

Seattle ~ January 008


Katelyn, Eloise, Penelope

Seattle ~ January 016 

{Trevor scoring points with Katelyn}

After the Memorial, we {the family} headed to Cindy and Howie’s house for a lovely reception dinner… The food was AMAZING!  hanging out eating, drinking {lemon drops, and wine}, getting to know the cousins and remenscing of Grandpa Bob.  On Sunday, everybody woke up SUPER early to catch the 8:30 am ferry to Whidbey Island.  This was Katelyn’s first ferry ride and she loved it! 

Seattle ~ January 023 Seattle ~ January 024

Seattle ~ January 027

Seattle ~ January 028 


Once we got to Whidbey Island, we went to meet Uncle Howie… We went to the dock to spread Grandpa Bob’s ashes.  It was such a beautiful service we had there.  Bob’s daughter Sally and Rob’s cousin Bree  read a beautiful poems.  It was simply wonderful!!!  After ward we headed back to the house for a YUMMY brunch complete with mimosas and lots of food!!!!!

Seattle ~ January 029

Walking on the dock, playing ball with Trevor and Daddy.


Seattle ~ January 039 

Ferry ride back to Seattle

Seattle ~ January 045

On the plane, coming home…

We had such a great time visiting family and remembering Grandpa Bob!