Trick Or Treat…

WOW!  Can you believe it is already Halloween?!?  This year is going to FAST….  Last year this, Katelyn was 5 months old and had NO clue as to what Halloween was.  This, year we have already started the festivities with the Annual First Christian School Halloween Parties and Trick Or Treating at the local Rehabilitation/Assisted Living Complex.  That’s right, @ 18 months, Katelyn went on her first field trip!  She really doesn’t get the concept this year, but she does know she gets something… CANDY!  My child loves dressing up an has already tried to put her costume on this morning…  I gave in and allowed her to wear her shoes :)  Enjoy the pictures… (More to come soon)

Pictures from First Christian School’s Festivities..

First Christian Trick Or Treat (1)  
Katelyn’s classFirst Christian Trick Or Treat (4)  
Katelyn, Rylee and Michael (Ry’s best friend)First Christian Trick Or Treat (10)  

First Christian Trick Or Treat (2)

First Christian Trick Or Treat (12)First Christian Trick Or Treat (5)  

And the post wouldn’t be complete without…

First Christian Trick Or Treat (11)

a mommy and ladybug photo :)

happy halloween

from our family to yours!



New Fall Shows

EASTWICK - Three very different women find themselves drawn together by a mysterious man who unleashes unique powers in each of them, and this small New England town will never be the same.  The series is based on the popular movie "The Witches of Eastwick" and the novel of the same title by John Updike. "Eastwick" stars Rebecca Romijn as Roxie Torcoletti, Lindsay Price as Joanna Frankel, Jamie Ray Newman as Kat Gardener, Paul Gross as Darryl Van Horne, Sara Rue as Penny, Veronica Cartwright as Bun, Johann Urb as Will, Jon Bernthal as Raymond and Ashley Benson as Mia. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television. Maggie Friedman is executive producer/writer.  The pilot was directed by David Nutter. (ABC/ROBERT VOETS)LINDSAY PRICE, JAMIE RAY NEWMAN, REBECCA ROMIJN

Eastwick~Totally LOVE it!  I so could live in a small town like this.  What a great way to start the fall season :)

Vampire Diaries~ AMAZING!!

FLASHFORWARD - When a mysterious event causes the entire world to black out, humanity is given a glimpse into its near future, and every man, woman, and child is forced to come to grips with whether their destinies can be avoided or fulfilled. Adapting award-winning author Robert J. Sawyer's revolutionary novel, executive producers David S. Goyer (visionary co-writer of "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight") and Brannon Braga ("24," "Star Trek: Enterprise") invite you to embark on a journey to answer the question, "if you knew what your future held, what would you do?" "FlashForward" stars Joseph Fiennes as Mark Benford, John Cho as Demetri Noh, Jack Davenport as Lloyd Simcoe, Sonya Walger as Olivia Benford, Courtney B. Vance as Stan Wedeck, Brian O'Byrne as Aaron Stark, Christine Woods as Janis Hawk, Zachary Knighton as Bryce Varley, and Peyton List as Nicole. The series is from ABC Studios.  David S. Goyer is executive producer/writer/director. Brannon Braga is executive producer and co-wrote the pilot. Other executive producers are Marc Guggenheim, Jessika Goyer, Vince Gerardis and Ralph Vicinanza. Guggenheim will be showrunner, along with Goyer.  (ABC/RON TOM)JOSEPH FIENNES

Flash Forward~ Very interesting. LOVE IT

Also, excited for TV to be back… I think I’m going to have to invest in ANOTHER DVR! :)


OCOTBER is Support Breast Cancer!  Wear Pink, Participate in a walk/run, Become aware! :)

For the past 10 years I have been participating in the annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walks.  I truly enjoy helping out and doing my part in supporting such a worthy cause.  Today, Katelyn and I participated in the Redlands 5k Believe in a Cure walk.  We had such a great time!  We walked, ate yummy FREE food, had our arm painted, danced and went down this GIGANTIC slide! Such great memories :) 

Our great friends Candice and Chloe  {Yes, behind us is the BRA MOBILE}

Redlands 10-4-09 003

Katelyn jammin out to the band!  Redlands 10-4-09 027

We will definitely participating in this walk again next year!

We are signed up to walk October 18th in Temecula to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation! 

Find your local foundation and help save lives :)

Fall is in the air….

Rob and I really enjoy the small town atmosphere of Oak Glen, especially in the Fall when the leaves turn colors and the pumpkin, cinnamon spices, and apple scents are in the fresh, crisp air!   This past month at work has been pretty hectic… I know, you are probably reading this and asking what could be hectic about teaching??  Well, let me tell you real quick…  Not only did I move up a grade level this year (teaching 8th grade) I am also the ASB director and have been REALLY busy!!!  WOW, ASB is time consuming!  So with all work and hardly any play, I decided to be {cough, cough} sick for the day! :}  We took complete advantage of the early Fall trip to our fun spot in Oak Glen.  I think we are going to have to make another trip later in the season for some hot apple cider. YUM!  Ok, so Jenny and Jenny decided to hang out with the three of us for the day.  What a great time we had!  Last year, Jenny went with us too… we at this little restaurant that wasn’t so great, so we made sure we passed it on our way.  We stopped at the quaint, country style restaurant off the main road for lunch.  Such good food and cinnamon rolls!  After we had lunch, we walked through the little petting zoo and fed all the animals!  Katelyn loved feeding the animals! :)  Afterwards we drove over to Rios Ranchos Ranch to check out the Pumpkin Patch and to pick up our yummy apple crisp and cider :) {SO GOOD}.  This trip was so much fun with Katelyn being able to walk around and be more active!  I can’t wait for more family traditions!

Katelyn @ 5months October 2008katelyn 058 

Katelyn 16months~ October 2009Oak Glen 005 

Oak Glen 010