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Katelyn is staring @ the fountain in front of her…

Random events in July 002

Random events in July 006


The Ladybug Katelyn found crawling on her

Random events in July 035 

Katelyn attempting to throw a fit… The reason, UNKNOWN

Random events in July 039

PROJECT Home Improvement Front Yard Planter…

Rob and I bought our first home 4 years ago.  It is on a great tree-lined street, near great schools ( I went to all of them), and close to shopping…We have some great neighbors and some crappy ones too. (But that is everywhere)  Even though our house is old (1952) and has its quirks and great features, after painting and updating most of the inside, we finally decided to take our updates and visions to the outside of our home.  We had a small planter in front of our living room window that was never quite finished and we didn’t really know what we wanted to do: brick like the rest of the neighborhood or rocks or stepping stones or a patio or the thoughts were endless.   One day, as Katelyn and I were walking around the garden section of home depot (Can’t believe I would ever admit that)(I always hated that place when I was younger and the parentals dragged us there) found some really nice modern retaining wall blocks.  We bought a couple and I decided this is what we were going to do in the front.  We were going to modernize our 1952 style home.  Since Rob has been working like a crazy man lately (when I decided I had a plan for the front) I began digging out my planter.  That’s right, you heard me, me digging holes/trenches!  OMG that was hard work!!! I basically did the foundation of the wall and then had Rob go over it and make sure everything was level.  Once the project was started, Rob finished it in a day!  Thank you honey for making such a great looking planter.

Random events in July 026 Random events in July 027

Random events in July 028

Next project, changing out the shutters in the front..

Take me out to the ball game….

We took Katelyn to her first ever Angels baseball game!  This little girl is going to LOVE sports!!!!  She had so much fun, watching people, eating all sorts of yummies mommy normally doesn’t let her eat, and allowed her to run around the kid’s store as we picked out the perfect little jersey for her so she can show her Angel pride.  Katelyn made it through the 5th inning before she called it quits and went to sleep in Rob’s arms.  This child can sleep!!!!  In the 7th inning the crowd got rowdy{Showing their Angel pride} and Katelyn slept right through it!!! We were UH-MAZED out how well she slept @ the game!  It was tons of fun taking her to the game even though the Angels lost :( 

Katelyn making funny faces as she eats a chicken star.

Angels Game 043

Of course Rob HAD to wear his Mariners hat

Angels Game 032 

30 minute surgery~ in & out= great improvement

Katelyn had tubes put in her ears on July 6th!  WOW! can we see the difference in her :)  Katelyn had many ear infections in the past 12 months; we averaged 1 a month!!!!!!  INSANE.  Our pediatrician referred us to the ENT and said her hearing was fine, and she had a little fluid behind her ears and that if she were to get one more infection prior to her first birthday, she would need tubes.  So we went home, and was hoping we would be done with the infections… needless to say the week of her birthday, WE GET AN INFECTION!!!! The procedure took less than 30 minutes to complete.<Rob didn’t have time to finish his cup of coffee>  Katelyn was back to her normal bubbly self a few hours afterwards, hence her swimming in her lil pool sporting her super cool neon orange earplugs!  

“Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.” ~ Albert Camus

Happy 4th of July!

Today, Katelyn and I spent this festive, glorious day with my parents and grandparents.  We had a great BBQ lunch with the grandparents and then went swimming for the afternoon!  It was a great and relaxing day.  We are now home recuperating from the HOT sun and waiting for Rob to get home from work to watch the fireworks from our front porch :) 


1st Adventures for Both…

This past month/week has been full of fun 1st adventures for both Katelyn and us. 


This past month Katelyn began walking (12 1/2 months) and is now walking and WANTING to walk EVERYWHERE!  On Monday, we had a pre-op appointment scheduled with the ENT specialist.  (Everything is ok, Katelyn is getting tubes put in her ears on Monday (July 6th) because she has had 12 ear infections within her first year of life :(  poor poor baby & me!!!!!)So, I take her to the Dr. by myself (Rob had to work)  We get into the Dr.’s office and tell me why, the nurse leaves the door barely cracked as she walked out the exam room?!? Only Katelyn realizes the door is partially opened and decides to wiggle her way off my lap and make a run for it… so, we pace the hallway for a bit, walk back into the room only for her to want to take off again! OH MY!!!!  Well, Katelyn enjoys destroying the white paper that sits on the exam table~ We sit there, destroy it and she figures out the table/chair can move up,down, and recline by pushing this little button on the side…we play with that for about 10 minutes until we are ready to have a meltdown because now it naptime… FINALLY the Dr comes in and asks if I have any questions regarding the procedure we “try” to talk about as Katelyn is making a run out the door… Oh man, this was such an exhausting visit to the Dr.

{No picture~I was busy chasing Katelyn}

Huntington Beach:

On Wednesday, My sister-in-law Ginger & I took Joseph(8), Matthew(7), Jack (3)(Katelyn’s cousins) & Katelyn to Huntington Beach for the day.  What an adventure for Katelyn and mommy.  WOW!  this was a lot of work…  The beach is about 45 minutes away from us, Katelyn did amazing on the car ride there (for the most part).  As we unloaded the car and walked all the kids over to the beach (sand meets the sidewalk & the volleyball nets)  This group of volleyball players had the nerve to ask for “a little help”… UM, yea, “A LITTLE HELP” would be nice~ I was carrying Katelyn in one arm and 2 chairs in the other, while making sure we didn’t lose any of the little dudes.. I looked at them like, really? you can walk your happy, skinny, butt over here and get your own ball.. after a minute of making sure we were all situated, I kicked the ball back to them…  We set up our perfect little spot near the water to watch the kids play..  As soon as the boys decided they wanted to go in the FREEZING cold water, Katelyn had to follow…  she tried running through the sand, fell in the sand, LOVED the sand!  As we approached the water she was all smiles and full of laughter but when she got down, and the water came up to her, it freaked her out.. she fell down and began crying.. She didn’t care for the water.. (Thank heavens… it was cold!)

San Diego Zoo

The weather was warm and it was a great day to be outdoors, so we headed to the fabulous the San Diego Zoo. What a day!!!!  We had such an amazing time walking around checking out all the animals and seeing Katelyn’s expressions when she was excited about an animal or when she didn’t care to see one.  SO AMAZING!!!  Katelyn really enjoyed the turtles, gorillas, tigers, and the elephants.  She attempted to walk and get away from us at the gorilla exhibit because there were other little kids running around playing with the life size statues… (Crazy how little ones want to imitate everything other kids do)

Summer Fun AND 1st Zoo Trip 100

Summer Fun

The joys of being a teacher :)

Summer Fun


12.5 months~Random 009 12.5 months~Random 008



Summer Fun AND 1st Zoo Trip 005 Summer Fun AND 1st Zoo Trip 009  

Summer Fun AND 1st Zoo Trip 012

Summer fun for us has consisted of lots of water (waterslides, beach trips, swimming, Minute Maid Fruit Falls) AND goldfish so far…

Happy 80th Birthday Opa

Summer Fun AND 1st Zoo Trip 120

Summer Fun AND 1st Zoo Trip 060

Summer Fun AND 1st Zoo Trip 073 Opa and his grandchildren & great grandchildren (missing Kayleigh, Matthew, Cathy & kids)