It's time to baby proof the house!!!

Katelyn is crawling!! Rob caught her crawling around in her room, by the time he called me in, she stopped! So we tried hiding so we could capture it on video and well, she didn't do it! I was putting laundry away and decided to leave the video camera running to see if we could get it! And sure enough we did! I have only seen her crawl for a few seconds twice. I guess it's going to be on her time and when she wants. (when we're not around :)) Enjoy!

8 months of greatness

I am about a week behind on posting, but hey, better late than never! Right? Katelyn is 8 months old now! I can't believe it... We have been fighting coughs, the stomach bug, and ear infections all within a week of each other! I wish I could take a way her sickness for her!!!! She's such a trooper. I beleive we have been to the Dr's office so much the past month. Each time the Dr says, "She doesnt look sick, she's full of smiles..." She is finally on the road to recovery and hopefully we won't have anymore ear infections or illnesses for a while. (Please, Please, Please) She has totally come into her own! I love watching her little bubbly personality... She loves smiling, laughing and playing.