Tonight Katelyn met her Great Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mike from Kentucky! Well, she met Uncle Mike a couple weeks ago. (But I forgot my camera). Katelyn sure does love her auntie and uncle! Drive home safely! And come back to visit soon! We love you!

We have teeth

Katelyn has a tooth!

Happy 7 Months!

Happy 7 month birthday Katelyn!

You have grown so much this past month, it is incredible! This month you have become more independent than ever, you are now trying to feed yourself which I am not ready for you to do yet!!! You are now saying "mama" and "baba" and a whole bunch of other sounds. You are now sleepong through the night for most nights and it feels so great to get a full night of sleep!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy New Year!

I can't belive 2008 is already gone! I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous year in 2009!

We rang in the new year with some of our closest friends and celebrated two birthdays! On New Year's Eve we headed up to one of our friends homes who was so gracious and kind to host not only a New Year's party but a birthday party at the same time! We had such a great time, hanging out with friends and reminiscing on all the crazy, fun, happy, & sad moments of the past year! Walking down memory lane is fun at times... Today, was my dad's birthday so we went to my parents house for our annual New Year's lunch/dinner and to celebrate dad's birthday. We have so much to be thankful for and have been very blessed in 2008, I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for us.

A look back to what 2008 brought to us:
~Becoming a mommy and daddy
~Rob starting a new job
~My 3rd year teaching
~Rob celebrating his 1st Father's Day
~Celebrating graduations
~Family vacations
~Beginning family traditions
~Celebrating Weddings
~Katelyn's Baptisim
~Family time
~Our 2 year Wedding Anniversary
~Katelyn's 1st Holidays
~In contact with old friends

Looking forward to 2009:
~Spring Break! (My next week off :))
~Katelyn's 1st Birthday
~Summer Vacation
~End of the school year!!
~Possible Weddings (if not this year, definitely in 2010)
~Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary
~Katelyn's first Disneyland trip during Christmas

Happy Birthday Dad & Kim!

Our Christmas Adventures

It is finally good to be home! I have been on Winter Break since Dec. 19th and let me tell you- it has been nonstop on the go since that day. I'm so glad to finally be home with my sweet little baby girl and have absolutley nothing to do. We all can relax now!

We took Katelyn to see Santa on the 23rd. That was a very pleasant visit! We waited in line for almost an hour (INSANE) but when we finally got to see Santa Katelyn had already had a power nap and a bottle and was ready to play. She sat with Santa and as he was talking to him, she reached over, grabbed his hand and tried to eat it. It was so funny! The two families before us had small babies with them who cried, so I began to worry a bit. But after she tried to eat him, she was fine, she saw the flashes of the cameras and decided to just start smiling! Overall it was a great 1st visit with Santa.

In past years, Rob and I always did the double Holiday day. I was so happy that this year we were able to enjoy spending Christmas with both our families and not feel rushed or bad that we didn't eat at the other Christmas. This year, Rob's family decided to have Christmas Eve so we were able to spend Christmas Day with my family. I was so thankful for this. Katelyn made out like a bandit! This child needs a larger closet! Katelyn was able to unwrap her gifts from the family and from Santa by herself! It was really funny to see her tear paper off the box for the first time, she didn't need anyone to show her what to do.

The day after Christmas we left for the ranch! We had a spectacular time! It was freezing cold! The warmest day was a whopping 32 degrees! One night it got down to 3... We had icicles that formed from the roof, at least 15 inches of snow, lots of fire wood, and we had a blast playing in the snow, well all of us except for Katelyn! The first day we were there, we bundled Katelyn up and took her outside to check out the snow. Well, within 5 minutes of being outside she passed out! It took us a good 10 minutes to layer her and put her little suit on her. But hey, I guess she was tired! SO, we decided to try it again the next day and this time was a bit better she actually stayed awake, and played in the snow! When she was done, she again fell asleep really fast! It was a really good trip! I am glad we are back home to 60-80 degree weather. While we were there we went to visit Great Grandma Alice, that was a fun visit! Katelyn just loves to sit and love on her.

It's great to be home, relaxing and enjoying the next few days off with the family! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!