Tis the Season..

For some updates...

Well, the past month has been EXTREMELY busy! I am finally off work for the next two weeks :) I am so excited to be home for 2 whole weeks with my baby girl! The best part of my vacation is Rob will be home too!!!! It feels like it has been FOREVER since we both have been home with nothing to do.

I am excited to say that it is 3 days til Christmas and I am totally finished shopping. Gosh, it feels great!

Katelyn and I have been going to church every Sunday this month and enjoying it. Since Katelyn has been so good in church we actually sit in the main church with everyone else! It is so much fun watching Katelyn try to get the attention of all the other parishioners! She is such a social butterfly! (just like her momma) She loves dancing-

Katelyn can sit up all by herself and is now starting to roll her self to the crawling position. (not crawling yet, but definitely trying to) She is also scooting herself to the coffee table or to something that she can pull herself up on. She in fact scared me yesterday. she was sitting in her crib, I turned around to get her jammies and when I turned back around she was standing in her crib holding on to the edge with a great big smile on her face. I was freaking out!!!

I have had 3 consecutive nights of full sleep!!! Thank goodness! I found myself last night waking up at 3am to Katelyn sleeping the night away! Hopefully she keeps this up!

Rob has been doing really well at his job! He absolutely love what he is doing!

We will be visiting Santa tomorrow, I will post Santa pictures hopefully tomorrow!

We hope everyone has a great Christmas and enjoy the day with great food and loved ones! MERRY CHRISTMAS!