Turkey Day is Near

Well, Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (my all time favorite holiday), which means Christmas is near and it is time to begin the fun holiday festivities of bakig, shopping, and decorating. Last year, Rob and I were so busy we decided we were not going to worry abou decorating... Well, since we are both off all week, we ended up pulling out ALL the Christmas decorations and began decorating! I can't believe we have the house almost finished!!! The stockings are hung, the nativity set is out, Our Christmas tree is up (You gotta love the fake trees- AW... nO pine needle mess!!!!) and it is Decorated! Katelyn sat in her chair and watched Rob and I decorate the house. My first year as a teacher I had a student give me a holiday penguin stuffed animal, it is sooo cute and cuddley, Katelyn just loved it. Rob tried to take it away from her and she wouldn't let go. The only thing left to do is put the lights up utside, maybe we will get to it on Friday... We'll see.

Tomorrow being Thanksgiving here are a few things I am thanful for:
1. My loving and supportive husband
2. My gorgeous little girl
3. Family
4. Great friends
5. And tons more.... the list goes on and on


What's New...

Well, I am excited to report that Katelyn is able to sit up all by herself! It took us a little while and sometimes she gets really excited and falls over! :) She is getting so big and having such a fun, loving personality! I am off for the whole week! I so love my job :) Having this week off will be so great Rob and I actually get to hang out ALL day, Everyday. Well, until Friday. Rob has worked his work schedule to be off for the Holidays! We have lots of family time planned and christmas decorating planned for this week. Katelyn will be turning 6 months in a couple of days. Enjoy the updated photos!