Happy Halloween!

Today, Katelyn celebrated halloween with all her cute little buddies from school. They had a cute little Halloween party :) Katelyn and I were sad that Rob was unable to get the evening off from work, but we made do with the time we were able to celebrate Halloween. Once I got home from work, we quickly changed Katelyn into her Halloween costume (Tinker Bell) and the 3 of us headed to auntie Ginger's house for some fun time with the Scribner family. After family time with the Scribners Katelyn and I headed over to Oma's house for some traditional chili and candy...

Enjoy our first Halloween Pictures!

Can you believe it?????

Katelyn is 5 months!!!

Susan G. Komen 5K

For the past several years, I have participated in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk/run. It is a great cause to help raise money for and I really enjoying helping out when I can. My mother in law was diagnosed last year with Stage 4 Breast Cancer (worst stage possible) Thank God she is Cancer free today. She beat the odds! My grandmother has been fighting Cancer which continues to go in and out of remission, and this past month a colleague of mine was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This year, Katelyn and I are going to participate in the 5K run with these 3 courageous, strong, women in our hearts and prayers. Each person that participates in any of these runs/walks contributes to Cancer research. I encourage everyone to participate and help fight to find a cure!


Guess what.....?

Katelyn rolled over today!!!! :)

She has also decided she no longer likes looking at the world laying down position, shse sits up and pulls her self up EVERY chance she gets! Aw she is growing sooo fast!

Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

I absolutley love the fall season! I love the fall colors, pumpkins, cider, pies, just EVERYTHING that goes with the fall. Yesterdday, Rob and I took Katelyn to the pumpkin patch in Oak Glen (mountains). It was such a beautiful day! We had lunch at this litle coffee diner- we had the WORST service ever!!!! Katelyn is usually really good when we go out to eat, but she wasn't having it yesterday! I think she realized how awful the service was...:) The day was just wonderful. We ended the day at Michael's (my lil brother) Water Polo game. Hope you enjoy the pictures!