Good News & Sad News

We finally had our Dr.'s appointment with the Pediatric Surgeon regarding Katelyn's umbilical hernia. :) The good news is she won't have to have surgery for it, the hole in her abdominal wall is so small it will/should heal on its own. The sad news is there's a great chance it won't heal for a couple of years (now til she turns 5). So, I think it is getting smaller which is a good sign, hopefully it really is-beacause sometimes when she cries for no apparent reason, I think it actually hurts her (Dr says it doesn't).

Along with Good/Sad news... I start work tomorrow :( I am so sad to leave my little love bug- thank goodness I have greeat friends and family members who are more than willing to help us out right now, so we don't have to put Katelyn in daycare yet... (I did find an amazing place on my way to work- she will go there eventually) Rob has worked out his work schedule to be able to be home with Katelyn during the week for the most part-sad part is he will be working weekends :( It's ok though-at least Katelyn and him will get to spend lots of time together. And we will have afternoons and evenings to do fun family stuff :)

End of Summer is near...

I have 2 weeks left until I return to work. I am very excited to be starting my 3rd year of teaching and very sad I will be leaving my little lovebug :( I have even tried to convince Rob that I could quit and stay home, but that didn't fly so well. He gave me some great advice- "you love teaching, you love your school, you even love those crazy 7th graders... you would miss working with them if you were to quit. Think about it" So I did, and as much as I hate to admit it- he was right, I would miss working with my crazy loveable students... So I will be returning to work in wo weeks (It's funny, when I was pregnant everyone would ask if I would be returning this coming fall, I always answered of course I would, Why wouldn't I? But now I totally understand. I so don't want to leave Katelyn.)

Fall Lineup

I am really excited that soon there will be stuff to watch on TV again!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love watching the Olympics but there has been nothing really interesting to watch lately... This is going to sound so crazy and silly and Rob absolutley thinks I'm crazy, but I'm excited to see the new 90210 series. I loved that show when it was on back in the day... Aw memories! :) The Hills premieres next week- can't wait to see what Heidi and Spencer have in store for us...(those two are so lame) Rob thinks the whole show is lame... But I am a Reality TV junkie ;) and love watching the drama on this show...

Just a thought on wasting time...

Why do people think they need to waste your time talking about something that can be said and done within half of the time allotted?!?
Katelyn is going to be Baptized on September 13th. Before we can do so we have to attend two classes (making sure us parents really want to Baptize our child Catholic) We went to our first class tonight- it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it could ave been done in 1 hour not 2. I hate when things get streched out for a longer period of time! Such a waste... Anyways we have one more to go to next Monday and we will be done :)

We're back!

WOW! We had such a fun and busy is great to be home! My cousin got married Thursday evening in Vegas (it was a very beautiful/hot ceremony & reception). Since Rob had to work Wednesday night we ended up leaving Thursday afternoon-made it to vegas for an overnight visit. We ended up waking up at 5:30am with Katelyn only to continue our journey through on the 15 freeway to the Ranch (Located in Southern Utah-about an hour away from Lake Powell) We made a couple of pit stops on the way so Katelyn could strech out. Once we made it there, Katelyn was able to meet her great-grandma Alice. We had so much fun-swinging on the swing in the front lawn, short-slow quad rides, bike riding, and just relaxing with Pops and the little dudes(Matthew & Joseph) we sure did miss Mimi though! We had lots of fun and it is great to be home! By the way- Katelyn did AMAZING on the drive, @ the wedding AND loved riding quads :)

Enjoy the pictures from our weekend!!!

@ Kayliegh & Neil's Wedding

Pit stop @ Pipe Springs (We took a tour of the Fort that was here)

No Photos Please- I need to strech!

Meeting Great-Grandma Alice for the 1st time

@ the Ranch

Michael holding the building up :)

1st Quad ride-She had fun...

After a long day of fun!

Uncle Michael, Katelyn & I

Joesph, Michael and Matthew

Uncle Michael & Katelyn

Matthew, Pops, Joseph

It's good to be home!

A well needed mini vacation

On Thursday we are packing up and heading to Vegas for my cousin Kayliegh's wedding which should be a great time and since we are 3 1/2 hours away from the Ranch, we've decided to head on up for the weekend! This will be our first little road trip with Katelyn, I'm hoping everything goes well (I'm sure it will). It will be great to see Pops and the boys and KAtelyn will get to meet her great-grandma Alice for the first time :)