Happy 2 months!!!

Today was Katelyn's "2month" visit which meant it was time to start her vaccinations... She did pretty good, she only screamed when the nurse poked her with th needle. Not to bad! As many of you know, Katelyn has an umbical hernia :( (a tear in her abdominal wall common in premies) 2 months ago the Dr. (not her normal Dr.) said it will heal on its on within 4 years, and worse case scenario she will need surgery if it got really bad... Well today, Katelyn's Pdiatrician said she wants to refer her to the Pediatric Surgeon for it :) this morning was the first time you could actually see the intestines pushed up against her skin in her belly button. I think that, and all the gurgling sounds her tummy makes b/c of it and how large her belly button is made her make her decision to refer us. Now we get to play the waiting game for the Surgeon.

Katelyn is now holding her head up on her own, smiling and cooing all the time and sleeping through the night (for the most part) she now weighs 10.8lbs she gained 3lbs in 2 months!!! she is doing so great for being born so early:)

New Pictures

Bath time! (Rob gave Katelyn a mohawk!)

Rylee loves KAtelyn so much!

Oma & Opa (German for grandma/pa) with Katelyn

4th of July (she wasn't very happy, I sat her up on the couch)

Waving to the camera

Today was better than last Sunday!

Last Sunday, I took Katelyn to church for the first time. She did OK... I told my mom, I was going to sit in the Family Room aka "The Crybaby room" just to be on the safe side. Katelyn was doing great, until she got hot and had a dirty diaper and decided to have a MAJOR fit. (This room was so HOT, all the kids faces were turning red and the parents were using their song sheets to fan themselves and kids) Once I got Katelyn cleaned up she was ok and life was good again! :) I decided to take her to church again tonight and this time since the Family Room was full (both rooms) We decided to sit in the very last row just to be on the safe side, and Katelyn was the BEST baby in the whole place! I think part of her great church experience this week was due to the church was completely air conditioned and felt good compared to the Family Room which has air but with so many people in it, it doesn't work the greatest. So, wish us luck next week-we will try to sit in the church pews again!