It has been 1 month!

Katelyn is 1 month old today!

It is amazing how time flies by... Katelyn makes the funniest faces and sounds when she is awake and mostly when she is sleeping. I think she growled at me yesterday when it was bedtime. The month of June has been a pretty hectic one for us. We had so many birthdays, our anniversary, father's day and graduations to celebrate. I am so glad Katelyn was here early to share in all of these wonderful experiences with our friends and family. Katelyn attended her first college graduation on Father's Day! One of my besties graduated from the Master's program. Congrats Again, Jen! We celebrated Father's day twice... A luncheon with my parents and a dinner BBQ with Rob's family. Katelyn also celebrated her uncle's 15th birthday (OMG! Michael will be driving soon) at the race track. (We went racing for it- tons of fun) We also celebrated Rylee's 3rd birthday- Rylee loves Katelyn so much she even gave Katelyn one of her stuffed animals (Rylee normally doesn't like to share). Katelyn even went on her first (mini) cruise to celebrate Uncle Ian (Panda, Ling-Ling) 30th birthday. The cruise was through the Newport Beach Harbor! We are going to end the month hanging out with family, friends and catching up on sleep. :) We sure did have a great first month!

Happy 1 month birthday Katelyn!

Ian and Katelyn (hiding from the sun)

Family photo on the crusie

Katelyn sleeping in daddy's arms

Auntie Jen, Rylee, & Katelyn


Congrats Jen!

Uncle Michael's Bday

Katelyn is here!

That's right, Katelyn is here already! She decided to surpirse us 4 weeks early :) She was born on Tuesday, May 27th @ 6:09 pm. She weighed 6 lbs. 1 oz. (The grandmas were taking guesses, my mom was right on with her guess) 20 inches. So with all the info everyone wants to know, here is the crazy, exciting story of the birth of Katelyn...

The pain started on Monday night after a great famlily BBQ, I asked my mom about the pain and she said it was probably just Katelyn growing and back pain is normal in pregnancy... so I took tylenol and the pains let up. I woke up Tuesday with some cramping (thinking it was the Braxton Hicks stuff) went to work and by 9:45 I couldn't take the cramping any more :( I left work and called the Dr. they asked a series of routine questions and finally said come in to be evaluated... I drove myself to the hospital from work (about a 2o minute drive) to find out I was in labor! They admitted me into the hospital at 11 am. Between my mom, Rob and Jenny the news spead so quickly. Thank God I didnt have to really call anyone, I was more concerned with the idea of Katelyn arriving 4 weeks early. By 6:09pm Katelyn was here! Around 4:30 pm I couldnt handle the pain anymore, and an epidural was given to me, within the next hour and a half She was here! We all are doing well, and adjusting to the sleepless nights. Everyone at the hospital were such wonderful people... my birthing expereince was a great one! We are so greatful to have such a wonderful loving family and tons of friends who visited us in the hospital and ran around finishing last minute things for us.