Quick Update!

Ok, so I have nothing too exciting to report... Rob LOVES his job, he finished his two weeks of jail Op's and completed 1 full (well 4days) of work, and is really liking what he is learning. I am getting my students prepared for the dreadful CST's which take place this week. (I can accomplish grading :) ) And winding up the school year. The most exciting news for Rob and I right now is Katelyn's bedding has arrived, and looks AMAZINGLY CUTE!

Rob is officially finished with the Academy!!!

Rob has finally graduated from the Academy! We are all so proud of him... Now we can go back to having a semi normal life for awhile... :) Rob's graduation was last Thursday night, it was very nice. Thanks to all the fammily and friends that went, your support and love is greatly appreciated! We love you all. For the next two weeks Rob will be in training and will start his first shifts the following week. He is so excited to begin this new career path!