Tis the Season..

For some updates...

Well, the past month has been EXTREMELY busy! I am finally off work for the next two weeks :) I am so excited to be home for 2 whole weeks with my baby girl! The best part of my vacation is Rob will be home too!!!! It feels like it has been FOREVER since we both have been home with nothing to do.

I am excited to say that it is 3 days til Christmas and I am totally finished shopping. Gosh, it feels great!

Katelyn and I have been going to church every Sunday this month and enjoying it. Since Katelyn has been so good in church we actually sit in the main church with everyone else! It is so much fun watching Katelyn try to get the attention of all the other parishioners! She is such a social butterfly! (just like her momma) She loves dancing-

Katelyn can sit up all by herself and is now starting to roll her self to the crawling position. (not crawling yet, but definitely trying to) She is also scooting herself to the coffee table or to something that she can pull herself up on. She in fact scared me yesterday. she was sitting in her crib, I turned around to get her jammies and when I turned back around she was standing in her crib holding on to the edge with a great big smile on her face. I was freaking out!!!

I have had 3 consecutive nights of full sleep!!! Thank goodness! I found myself last night waking up at 3am to Katelyn sleeping the night away! Hopefully she keeps this up!

Rob has been doing really well at his job! He absolutely love what he is doing!

We will be visiting Santa tomorrow, I will post Santa pictures hopefully tomorrow!

We hope everyone has a great Christmas and enjoy the day with great food and loved ones! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Turkey Day is Near

Well, Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (my all time favorite holiday), which means Christmas is near and it is time to begin the fun holiday festivities of bakig, shopping, and decorating. Last year, Rob and I were so busy we decided we were not going to worry abou decorating... Well, since we are both off all week, we ended up pulling out ALL the Christmas decorations and began decorating! I can't believe we have the house almost finished!!! The stockings are hung, the nativity set is out, Our Christmas tree is up (You gotta love the fake trees- AW... nO pine needle mess!!!!) and it is Decorated! Katelyn sat in her chair and watched Rob and I decorate the house. My first year as a teacher I had a student give me a holiday penguin stuffed animal, it is sooo cute and cuddley, Katelyn just loved it. Rob tried to take it away from her and she wouldn't let go. The only thing left to do is put the lights up utside, maybe we will get to it on Friday... We'll see.

Tomorrow being Thanksgiving here are a few things I am thanful for:
1. My loving and supportive husband
2. My gorgeous little girl
3. Family
4. Great friends
5. And tons more.... the list goes on and on


What's New...

Well, I am excited to report that Katelyn is able to sit up all by herself! It took us a little while and sometimes she gets really excited and falls over! :) She is getting so big and having such a fun, loving personality! I am off for the whole week! I so love my job :) Having this week off will be so great Rob and I actually get to hang out ALL day, Everyday. Well, until Friday. Rob has worked his work schedule to be off for the Holidays! We have lots of family time planned and christmas decorating planned for this week. Katelyn will be turning 6 months in a couple of days. Enjoy the updated photos!

Happy Halloween!

Today, Katelyn celebrated halloween with all her cute little buddies from school. They had a cute little Halloween party :) Katelyn and I were sad that Rob was unable to get the evening off from work, but we made do with the time we were able to celebrate Halloween. Once I got home from work, we quickly changed Katelyn into her Halloween costume (Tinker Bell) and the 3 of us headed to auntie Ginger's house for some fun time with the Scribner family. After family time with the Scribners Katelyn and I headed over to Oma's house for some traditional chili and candy...

Enjoy our first Halloween Pictures!

Can you believe it?????

Katelyn is 5 months!!!

Susan G. Komen 5K

For the past several years, I have participated in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk/run. It is a great cause to help raise money for and I really enjoying helping out when I can. My mother in law was diagnosed last year with Stage 4 Breast Cancer (worst stage possible) Thank God she is Cancer free today. She beat the odds! My grandmother has been fighting Cancer which continues to go in and out of remission, and this past month a colleague of mine was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This year, Katelyn and I are going to participate in the 5K run with these 3 courageous, strong, women in our hearts and prayers. Each person that participates in any of these runs/walks contributes to Cancer research. I encourage everyone to participate and help fight to find a cure!


Guess what.....?

Katelyn rolled over today!!!! :)

She has also decided she no longer likes looking at the world laying down position, shse sits up and pulls her self up EVERY chance she gets! Aw she is growing sooo fast!

Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

I absolutley love the fall season! I love the fall colors, pumpkins, cider, pies, just EVERYTHING that goes with the fall. Yesterdday, Rob and I took Katelyn to the pumpkin patch in Oak Glen (mountains). It was such a beautiful day! We had lunch at this litle coffee diner- we had the WORST service ever!!!! Katelyn is usually really good when we go out to eat, but she wasn't having it yesterday! I think she realized how awful the service was...:) The day was just wonderful. We ended the day at Michael's (my lil brother) Water Polo game. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Buzzy, Buzzy Bees

We wanted to update everyone on what has been going on in the crazy busy lives of the Scribners! Since I have returned to work, life has seemed to have gotten EXTREMELY busy and the days are going by so fast... Last weekend, we baptized Katelyn! It was such a great, fun event. Thank you to all the family and friends who were able to make it nd thank to those who were unable to attend but kept us in their thoughts on this special blessed day! :) Katelyn is adjusting well to her new daycare center and she is able to see her favorite little cousin Rylee there. As much as Rob hates being away from us on the weekends, he has been enjoying his days home with Katelyn :)

p.s. Katelyn's hernia is getting smaller :)

Until next time...

Good News & Sad News

We finally had our Dr.'s appointment with the Pediatric Surgeon regarding Katelyn's umbilical hernia. :) The good news is she won't have to have surgery for it, the hole in her abdominal wall is so small it will/should heal on its own. The sad news is there's a great chance it won't heal for a couple of years (now til she turns 5). So, I think it is getting smaller which is a good sign, hopefully it really is-beacause sometimes when she cries for no apparent reason, I think it actually hurts her (Dr says it doesn't).

Along with Good/Sad news... I start work tomorrow :( I am so sad to leave my little love bug- thank goodness I have greeat friends and family members who are more than willing to help us out right now, so we don't have to put Katelyn in daycare yet... (I did find an amazing place on my way to work- she will go there eventually) Rob has worked out his work schedule to be able to be home with Katelyn during the week for the most part-sad part is he will be working weekends :( It's ok though-at least Katelyn and him will get to spend lots of time together. And we will have afternoons and evenings to do fun family stuff :)

End of Summer is near...

I have 2 weeks left until I return to work. I am very excited to be starting my 3rd year of teaching and very sad I will be leaving my little lovebug :( I have even tried to convince Rob that I could quit and stay home, but that didn't fly so well. He gave me some great advice- "you love teaching, you love your school, you even love those crazy 7th graders... you would miss working with them if you were to quit. Think about it" So I did, and as much as I hate to admit it- he was right, I would miss working with my crazy loveable students... So I will be returning to work in wo weeks (It's funny, when I was pregnant everyone would ask if I would be returning this coming fall, I always answered of course I would, Why wouldn't I? But now I totally understand. I so don't want to leave Katelyn.)

Fall Lineup

I am really excited that soon there will be stuff to watch on TV again!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love watching the Olympics but there has been nothing really interesting to watch lately... This is going to sound so crazy and silly and Rob absolutley thinks I'm crazy, but I'm excited to see the new 90210 series. I loved that show when it was on back in the day... Aw memories! :) The Hills premieres next week- can't wait to see what Heidi and Spencer have in store for us...(those two are so lame) Rob thinks the whole show is lame... But I am a Reality TV junkie ;) and love watching the drama on this show...

Just a thought on wasting time...

Why do people think they need to waste your time talking about something that can be said and done within half of the time allotted?!?
Katelyn is going to be Baptized on September 13th. Before we can do so we have to attend two classes (making sure us parents really want to Baptize our child Catholic) We went to our first class tonight- it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it could ave been done in 1 hour not 2. I hate when things get streched out for a longer period of time! Such a waste... Anyways we have one more to go to next Monday and we will be done :)

We're back!

WOW! We had such a fun and busy weekend...it is great to be home! My cousin got married Thursday evening in Vegas (it was a very beautiful/hot ceremony & reception). Since Rob had to work Wednesday night we ended up leaving Thursday afternoon-made it to vegas for an overnight visit. We ended up waking up at 5:30am with Katelyn only to continue our journey through on the 15 freeway to the Ranch (Located in Southern Utah-about an hour away from Lake Powell) We made a couple of pit stops on the way so Katelyn could strech out. Once we made it there, Katelyn was able to meet her great-grandma Alice. We had so much fun-swinging on the swing in the front lawn, short-slow quad rides, bike riding, and just relaxing with Pops and the little dudes(Matthew & Joseph) we sure did miss Mimi though! We had lots of fun and it is great to be home! By the way- Katelyn did AMAZING on the drive, @ the wedding AND loved riding quads :)

Enjoy the pictures from our weekend!!!

@ Kayliegh & Neil's Wedding

Pit stop @ Pipe Springs (We took a tour of the Fort that was here)

No Photos Please- I need to strech!

Meeting Great-Grandma Alice for the 1st time

@ the Ranch

Michael holding the building up :)

1st Quad ride-She had fun...

After a long day of fun!

Uncle Michael, Katelyn & I

Joesph, Michael and Matthew

Uncle Michael & Katelyn

Matthew, Pops, Joseph

It's good to be home!

A well needed mini vacation

On Thursday we are packing up and heading to Vegas for my cousin Kayliegh's wedding which should be a great time and since we are 3 1/2 hours away from the Ranch, we've decided to head on up for the weekend! This will be our first little road trip with Katelyn, I'm hoping everything goes well (I'm sure it will). It will be great to see Pops and the boys and KAtelyn will get to meet her great-grandma Alice for the first time :)

Happy 2 months!!!

Today was Katelyn's "2month" visit which meant it was time to start her vaccinations... She did pretty good, she only screamed when the nurse poked her with th needle. Not to bad! As many of you know, Katelyn has an umbical hernia :( (a tear in her abdominal wall common in premies) 2 months ago the Dr. (not her normal Dr.) said it will heal on its on within 4 years, and worse case scenario she will need surgery if it got really bad... Well today, Katelyn's Pdiatrician said she wants to refer her to the Pediatric Surgeon for it :) this morning was the first time you could actually see the intestines pushed up against her skin in her belly button. I think that, and all the gurgling sounds her tummy makes b/c of it and how large her belly button is made her make her decision to refer us. Now we get to play the waiting game for the Surgeon.

Katelyn is now holding her head up on her own, smiling and cooing all the time and sleeping through the night (for the most part) she now weighs 10.8lbs she gained 3lbs in 2 months!!! she is doing so great for being born so early:)

New Pictures

Bath time! (Rob gave Katelyn a mohawk!)

Rylee loves KAtelyn so much!

Oma & Opa (German for grandma/pa) with Katelyn

4th of July (she wasn't very happy, I sat her up on the couch)

Waving to the camera

Today was better than last Sunday!

Last Sunday, I took Katelyn to church for the first time. She did OK... I told my mom, I was going to sit in the Family Room aka "The Crybaby room" just to be on the safe side. Katelyn was doing great, until she got hot and had a dirty diaper and decided to have a MAJOR fit. (This room was so HOT, all the kids faces were turning red and the parents were using their song sheets to fan themselves and kids) Once I got Katelyn cleaned up she was ok and life was good again! :) I decided to take her to church again tonight and this time since the Family Room was full (both rooms) We decided to sit in the very last row just to be on the safe side, and Katelyn was the BEST baby in the whole place! I think part of her great church experience this week was due to the church was completely air conditioned and felt good compared to the Family Room which has air but with so many people in it, it doesn't work the greatest. So, wish us luck next week-we will try to sit in the church pews again!

It has been 1 month!

Katelyn is 1 month old today!

It is amazing how time flies by... Katelyn makes the funniest faces and sounds when she is awake and mostly when she is sleeping. I think she growled at me yesterday when it was bedtime. The month of June has been a pretty hectic one for us. We had so many birthdays, our anniversary, father's day and graduations to celebrate. I am so glad Katelyn was here early to share in all of these wonderful experiences with our friends and family. Katelyn attended her first college graduation on Father's Day! One of my besties graduated from the Master's program. Congrats Again, Jen! We celebrated Father's day twice... A luncheon with my parents and a dinner BBQ with Rob's family. Katelyn also celebrated her uncle's 15th birthday (OMG! Michael will be driving soon) at the race track. (We went racing for it- tons of fun) We also celebrated Rylee's 3rd birthday- Rylee loves Katelyn so much she even gave Katelyn one of her stuffed animals (Rylee normally doesn't like to share). Katelyn even went on her first (mini) cruise to celebrate Uncle Ian (Panda, Ling-Ling) 30th birthday. The cruise was through the Newport Beach Harbor! We are going to end the month hanging out with family, friends and catching up on sleep. :) We sure did have a great first month!

Happy 1 month birthday Katelyn!

Ian and Katelyn (hiding from the sun)

Family photo on the crusie

Katelyn sleeping in daddy's arms

Auntie Jen, Rylee, & Katelyn


Congrats Jen!

Uncle Michael's Bday

Katelyn is here!

That's right, Katelyn is here already! She decided to surpirse us 4 weeks early :) She was born on Tuesday, May 27th @ 6:09 pm. She weighed 6 lbs. 1 oz. (The grandmas were taking guesses, my mom was right on with her guess) 20 inches. So with all the info everyone wants to know, here is the crazy, exciting story of the birth of Katelyn...

The pain started on Monday night after a great famlily BBQ, I asked my mom about the pain and she said it was probably just Katelyn growing and back pain is normal in pregnancy... so I took tylenol and the pains let up. I woke up Tuesday with some cramping (thinking it was the Braxton Hicks stuff) went to work and by 9:45 I couldn't take the cramping any more :( I left work and called the Dr. they asked a series of routine questions and finally said come in to be evaluated... I drove myself to the hospital from work (about a 2o minute drive) to find out I was in labor! They admitted me into the hospital at 11 am. Between my mom, Rob and Jenny the news spead so quickly. Thank God I didnt have to really call anyone, I was more concerned with the idea of Katelyn arriving 4 weeks early. By 6:09pm Katelyn was here! Around 4:30 pm I couldnt handle the pain anymore, and an epidural was given to me, within the next hour and a half She was here! We all are doing well, and adjusting to the sleepless nights. Everyone at the hospital were such wonderful people... my birthing expereince was a great one! We are so greatful to have such a wonderful loving family and tons of friends who visited us in the hospital and ran around finishing last minute things for us.

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi! Just wanted to give you a quick update...

  • I have 1 month to go! :) I am so excited and can't wait to meet my little girl.
  • 12 days left of work- until summer vacation...
  • Rob is enjoying his new job!
  • Lorraine is a Cancer Survivor!!!!! (Thank you Jesus)

Quick Update!

Ok, so I have nothing too exciting to report... Rob LOVES his job, he finished his two weeks of jail Op's and completed 1 full (well 4days) of work, and is really liking what he is learning. I am getting my students prepared for the dreadful CST's which take place this week. (I can accomplish grading :) ) And winding up the school year. The most exciting news for Rob and I right now is Katelyn's bedding has arrived, and looks AMAZINGLY CUTE!

Rob is officially finished with the Academy!!!

Rob has finally graduated from the Academy! We are all so proud of him... Now we can go back to having a semi normal life for awhile... :) Rob's graduation was last Thursday night, it was very nice. Thanks to all the fammily and friends that went, your support and love is greatly appreciated! We love you all. For the next two weeks Rob will be in training and will start his first shifts the following week. He is so excited to begin this new career path!