It's been awhile...

It has been quite awhile since I have blogged. Blogging has been in the back of mind for the past several months, but I just haven't found the time to do so. Our family has been very busy... I believe I have abandoned my family blog due to how crazy life has been over the past several months. So to catch up. Michelle: I went back to school- I completed a master's degree in education April 2013, an administrative credential in July 2013 and currently in my first semester of a doctoral program. Yes, I must be crazy! But I am enjoying every minute of school. Finding time to read, write, work, and maintain family time has been a struggle, but thanks to wonderful support of my husband and family it has been manageable. Rob: working very diligently and getting ready to take the "test" to promote to the next level of his job. He has been working hard around our new home (yes, we moved :))to make it ours. Rob has been so supportive of all my crazy ideas of going back to school. So he has been very busy with the children. Katelyn, started kindergarten this fall. Rob and I made the choice to place her in the Dual Language Immersion program in our school district. It is absolutely amazing to see how much NEW language she has picked up in the first month of school. She is excelling and LOVES everything about school. Madeline, is enjoying being the baby of the family and having us all tend to all of her needs. Although she enjoys being the baby, she is very independent! It's hard to believe she is still only two when she acts so much older. She also enjoys going to school (preschool) and has one great little friend she talks about every day-Lucas. M


My cousin finally decided to move home from England!  We are so happy to have her back home, she has been photographing for magazines, families and many other people & companies.  When she came home, she asked to take some photos of the girls. Thank you Kayleigh Ashworth Photography for the great pictures.


Busy busy little family…

So the past few months have been pretty hectic!  Rob's work schedule has changed a few times, and I have been crazy busy with my Master's Program.  Since my last post, Madeline has turned 1, we had a great little party for her- theme was everything PINK!  She has ALL 4 molars coming in at once, which has not been fun for mommy considering daddy has been working nights.  Katelyn has been such a great big sister.  You is such a little mommy.  But, don't little her sweet, helpful moments deceive you, she is full of sass!  She has a mind of her own and oh boy! teenage years don't look like they will be fun...

Here are some pictures from Madeline’s birthday.


Madeline 1year Baby Book

I am finally finished documenting Madeline's first year of life!!!! Such great memories.

Click here to view this photo book larger

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Happy 10 Months Madeline

Dear sweet Madeline, I am so sorry to be slacking in your monthly updates as to how you are growing and your milestones.  These past 9 months since you have made your grand appearance have been completely amazing! You are growing to be such a sweet, happy girl.  This month you are able to stand on your own for a minute or two without falling down.  You have been trying to take your first steps and we see your eagerness and readiness to walk.  We think in the next month or two you will be walking!  Madeline, you now have 8 teeth!  4 of them are almost completely out.  You are not sleeping through the night and we are hoping it is due to the new teeth coming in.  You started eating solid food such as spaghetti and all kinds of fruits and vegetables for the past couple of months, but your all time favorite is spaghetti!  We love watching you eat slurp them in.  You love our dog bruiser and we are always catching you feeding him your lunch or dinner to him.  You and your sister get along well.  Well, when your not trying to pull her hair.   You two are best little friends who like to have screaming contests and see who can get to mommy and daddy first to snuggle.  You think it is funny to pull Katelyn’s hair when she is sleeping and we have to constantly pull you away from her.  At the end of 8 months you started saying Dada, and now you can say it very clear.  You have been making lots of sounds and I’m hoping soon you will say mama. You love crawling and climbing on things you probably shouldn’t but sister and I are usually near by. Happy 10 months!

jan 2012 3Jan 2012

Winter Vacation=3 weeks off

I am very blessed to have a job that I absolutely LOVE and have many opportunities to spend with my family.  I was fortunate to have 3 weeks off from work over the Holiday Season.

Week 1:  Rob and I started and finished all our Christmas shopping in one day!  We had many lazy days around the house and LOTS of playtime with the girls.

Week 2: The week after Christmas.  We put away all of our Christmas decorations prior to the new year, and continued many LAZY DAYS!  We did venture out to the movies.  I took Katelyn to see We Bought a Zoo.  Super cute movie, but Katelyn wasn’t to impressed.  New Year’s Eve was very low key.  We spent the evening with my family.   New Year’s Day, we saw Disney on Ice- Toy Story thanks to Uncle Enko!  This show was AMAZING!  Katelyn was glued to her chair and so excited to see Toy Story on Ice.  We also had a snow day in Running Springs with one of Rob’s friends from work.  We couldn’t believe how nice the weather was (75 degrees) and were still able to find enough snow to sled, make snow angels and a snowman and have a snowball fight.

jan 2012 2

jan 2012 1

Week 3: Vacation quickly coming to an end.  This week we treated ourselves to a couple of day trips to Disneyland. AND started our new year’s resolution- get/stay ACTIVE and be healthy.  So far we have been do ok.  Rob has been going to the gym 3-4 times a week for the past few months so for him he is definitely trying to stay active, while I am getting active.  We have been eating healthy since my pregnancy with Madeline, so I think we have been doing well with the that part of our goal with the occasional splurge here and there Smile.

jan 2012 4

afternoon walk

Disneyland jan 2012

King Arthur’s Carousel at Disneyland

Abandoned Blog…. last few months in review

So I know I have been seriously neglecting our family blog,.  We have been very busy lately, it seems we barely have anytime to do anything fun or just relax.  Rob is almost finished with school and it will be such a blessing once he has completed his degree (pay raise Smile).  As for me, I went back to school in September for my Master’s Degree.  So needless to say, with both of us in school, working full time and finding time in between for our sweet family, blogging has been pushed to the back burner. 

With that said, we had an amazing holiday season!  I was able to cook my first Christmas dinner for my family and Rob’s family.  It was REALLY REALLY REALLY nice not having to do a double holiday and not rush from place to place. 

New Year’s was wonderfully quiet Smile.  We went out to celebrate the new year and my dad’s birthday with my family.  We were home by 8pm and watched the New Year’s special on TV.  I was pretty surprised, Katelyn stayed up until 11:30pm and then fell asleep, asking to please wake her at midnight. 

The past 3 weeks have been so wonderful!  I have been on vacation!!!!!  Hanging out with the girls has me at times wishing I could stay home with them, but when Katelyn and Madeline decide to compete who can cry the loudest or scream the loudest I can’t wait to get back to work!!! 

Enjoy the pictures from the holidays.